Welcome to The Greenest Place. Since Ever.

The Suriname Pavilion.

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Expo 2022

Starting on April 21, 2022, the Suriname pavilion will open its gates at the Floriade.

Feel welcome to discover the power of the rain forest. An exhibition on plentiful solutions that make the world more sustainable. Come and enjoy the fragrance and vibrant colors of flowers, plants, vegetables, and fruits. Let us surprise you!

The Greenest Place Since Ever

It will be a challenging task to find a greener place than the most forested country in the world which is Suriname. Along with Bhutan and Panama, these countries prove to be leading the way in emission reduction compared to bigger nations in the world. All three have successfully become carbon-negative countries in the world.

93% opportunities 
93% of Suriname consists of Amazon forest and is home to an abundance of flora and fauna. More fertile soil is hardly imaginable. Plenty of opportunities and space for green innovation. 

Discover Suriname 
Surinam will be the green heart of the Floriade in Almere 2022. The theme ‘Growing Green Cities’ is tailor-made for the country. Green is our nature, it breathes through our forest, the jungle and traces its roots to the Amazon. This is your invitation to discover Suriname.

Global Solutions 
Find answers and solutions to complex global issues such as climate change, rising sea levels, Co2 absorption, freshwater, and food shortages at the Suriname Pavilion. “The vibrant heart of Floriade 2022″.

Discover the Oxygen Factory

Start a truly sustainable business

A powerful co2 catalyst and also a Great oxygen factory. More than 93% of Suriname’s territory is covered with forests. This absorbs 8.8 million tons of carbon annually. Suriname causes an annual emission of 7 million tons of carbon. This qualifies Suriname as a CO2-negative country.

There are many business opportunities in agriculture or sustainable tourism! That is why Suriname has mapped out the path to an entirely green economy. Every investor, entrepreneur or student who wants to start, invest or study in sustainable and fair businesses is welcome. Get to know our NGO’s, and green projects.

for more information about sustainable projects.

Suriname, Without Doubt

Meet the source of life. The Suriname Amazon. According to many, the Eldorado of mother nature. This is the “bucket-list opportunity” to discover unspoiled Suriname. 

Experience an 8-day Amazon trip and discover the pristine nature.

for more information about this amazing deal.

Experience the unspoiled

Invest in Suriname

Soil needs farmer

Soon the 14 Caribbean countries may depend on Suriname for their basic needs of fruits and vegetables and meat.

Agro-exportable production. The combination of fertile land available at competitive prices, favorable climatic conditions and abundant waterAgro-exportable production. The combination of fertile land available at competitive prices, favorable climatic conditions, and abundant water resources provide the perfect scenario for establishing export-oriented agricultural production.
Greatest export potential: Rice, cassava (waxed and frozen), peanuts (processed or shelled), cocoa (beans or powder), honey, beans (black and red), and cashew nuts.

Other products with great potential are sesame seeds, pineapple, mango, guava, watermelon, onions, vegetables, and citrus (especially lemon and oranges).

Medicinal plants as well. 
Farmer seeks farmer to grow together.

Welcome to the Floriade 2022

Sranan Welcome

The typical Surinamese warm welcome.

You will recognize it immediately. Those who are unfamiliar with it will be charmed instantly.

No country is as hospitable as Suriname. You will feel the warmth of the people.

The visitors will receive a warm welcome, a drink, and goodies.

Tropical Rainforest Landscape

Carbon Redemption Fee

Compensation for your CO2 emissions.

For only €2 per day, you support the trees and the protectors of the Amazon.

Our 16 nature reserves are the weapon against global warming. Of course, you can also compensate for a month. Every little stone.

Better said, every green leaf counts.

Surinamese Ambience

Welcome to the heart of Suriname.

Experience interesting programming on the main stage. Varying from talk shows, art, cultural performances, key-note speakers, and cinema such as an inspiring film about the Surinamese Amazone.

The program starts in May 2022.

The Priceless Deal

Book directly.
This opportunity doesn't come along very often anymore. Certainly, not for this rate.

Exclusively for the Floriade, a Jungle tour including Paramaribo is being organized. Every 2 weeks, there will be a different SHATA hospitality partner at the Suriname Pavilion to offer this unforgettable journey.
Book soon for €999 to experience the deep Amazone of Suriname. More information on this in May 2022.

Soil Needs Farmer

Several Surinamese agricultural specialists convey their enthusiasm to the visitors.

There are opportunities for farmers in Suriname. The soil is rich in minerals and forces.

How can we create a common ambition? Suriname is becoming the food barn for the Caricom.  Are you interested in agricultural startups? Request more information.


The most successful NGOs are presenting their portfolios. Meet & greet trustworthy and ambitious professionals.

Of course, there is also room to become a contributor.  

The Oxygen Bar

Oxygen in a variety of flavors, how intriguing is that?

Take a break at the oxygen bar. The oxygen comes with different flavors and scents. Wonderfully relaxing.

Starting in May.

The Djogo Bar

Delicious cold beer. In Suriname, a Djogo coexists with joy. We invite you to visit our bar and experience the joy together in the garden. Enjoy powerful (s)tories, at our Djogo Bar, and experience how new relationships form the typical Suriname style.

Starting in May.

Medicinal herbs

It couldn't be purer.

Pure medicinal power from the forest. Our Medicinal Herbs. In award-winning packaging, the powerful brand Suriname offers its medicinal herbs.

This product is in high demand.

Would you like to participate?

During the Floriade of 2022, we offer opportunities to experience the Surinamese openness. Do you have a Surinamese heart and would you like to participate and contribute to the Suriname pavilion? 

A more than warm welcome

Perhaps you’re an artist who wishes to perform, do you know all the native herbs, are you a storyteller, farmer, scientist or do you like to share your passion about Suriname? Your contribution is appreciated and deserves a stage. 

Contact us so we can create opportunities together. In joined forces, we make our powerful international Surinamese mix more accessible.

Let’s make this place memorable.

Click for the detailed view of the Floriade premises.

Floriade is open every day from 10:00 to 19:00.

The Floriade park is a living laboratory with great examples from horticulture and beyond to make cities more enjoyable and liveable. Surprising innovations are mixed here with inspiring gardens, fun attractions, an astonishing art and culture program, playgrounds, delicious food and much more. Read more about it here.

There are currently no corona regulations in force for a day out in the Netherlands.

We will of course do everything we can to ensure that your visit to Floriade goes safely. We follow the corona guidelines of the Dutch government. Check here for the latest updates.

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